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"From time to time I jot down notes, whether it be design related or random thoughts, you'll find it all here. Thanks for reading." - Mike Hosier

mike hosier designs custom baseball glove builder

Nokona Custom Ball Gloves

Web based, custom baseball glove builder for Nokona American Ball Gloves.

logo design outdoor industry

Small, but Mighty Fun

As much as I enjoy the full-length feature, small, but mighty projects are always a ton of fun!

golden retriever, graphic designer, Marty

The New Guy!

Join us in welcoming the new guy! His name is Marty, Marty Moose of Adirondac to be precise.


Powers Logo Design

I recently had the honor to help Saratoga Springs based bicycle import company, Powers Endurance Sports, design a new logo for their business identity.

social media graphic design

Social Media Graphic Design

Social media gives designers and internet marketers an outlet to explore campaigns of all sizes. This is great because we're able to explore what works a little at a time without huge investments.


Shirts 4 Good

The Limited Edition 2015 Act With Respect Always T-Shirts are now available! Get yours today.


Emergent Nutrition Branding

I was recently asked to help design some branding materials for a startup, Emergent Nutrition. Embarking on a fitness journey of my own, this job was a no brainer, I was in!

saratoga springs graphic designer

Thank You

I don't say thank you enough, so thank you to everyone in the past and into the future who has trusted me to help them with their business...


What if Mobile Came First?

What if mobile was first, and desktop computers came later? What would the web look like on those newfangled large screen stationery devices?

best logo designer in new york

Overwatch Branding

I love when I'm given an opportunity to dive deep into a logo design project with ample time for discovery & exploration, the result and client feedback is always astounding!

mobile friendly web design in saratoga ny

Mobile Friendly Ranking

Google recently announced their Mobile Friendly labeling system notifying users on smartphones the website they're about to visit was designed for an optimal mobile experience.

how to start a website

Starting a website? How To Be Prepared

Building a website can be a complex adventure, so before you jump in, be sure you're ready. Not only will some preparation help you understand the process, but being prepared will show your web team how pumped you are to get started!

autism event video, lake george ny

Inspiring Video: Blue Tie Ball

Andrew Paolano is an inspiring young man who's working toward a meteorologist career, watch the video of his event we attended to benefit Upstate NY Autism Alliance.

cataract poster graphic design

New Work: Cataract Posters

So far in 2014 I've seen a good variety of print graphic design work, including these new posters for Kwait Eye & Laser Surgery located in Amsterdam, NY.

logo stickers, mwh design saratoga ny

Who Wants Stickers?

I decided to order some MWH Design logo stickers. Making your brand stick is not so hard after all. Who wants one?

Mike Hosier, Saratoga NY Web Designer

What’s Your 99%?

I recently ran into Act With Respect Always, Coach Rich Johns, at my sons opening baseball ceremony. Equipped only with my iPhone I was able to capture the moment.

vintage advertising, saratoga ny

Old Ideas Offer Fresh Inspiration

When I'm not working on a design project you might find me at a flee market, a garage sale, or an auction seeking vintage advertising design. I have a great appreciation for graphic design of yesteryear with a growing collection offering up daily inspiration.

web design for upstate autism glens falls ny

Unlikely Sources

Today I'm pleased to announce launch of phase 1 for UNYAA, and with a phase 2 started on paper already, I can't wait to continue to improve upon it. I truly loved working on this project, the opportunity to work on something I hold so dear to me personally was extremely rewarding.

web designer in saratoga ny, Mike Hosier

Learn As We Go

When hiring a web designer you should expect excellence and precision craftsmanship, but when a professional claims to know everything about everything, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Thrive on those willing and eager to learn as we go.

web design executioner

The Executioner

This Halloween, and forever more we're executioners. While the job of an executioner these days is most commonly one of myth and folklore, being able to execute on what you set out to do is not, that lives in every part of our lives and is something I feel very strong about in my business.

responsive web design saratoga ny

Analogy: Responsive Web Design

For clients, or anyone outside the web industry, I wanted to create a quick analogy to help everyone better understand what the term Responsive Web Design means. The idea is to embrace the flexibility, and unpredictability of internet browsers and throw away fixed widths. Design once, then display everywhere.

saratoga web designer

Design by Thinking

I strongly believe the best creative results are derived from true passion and start with thought. Truly remarkable design projects champion creative thought, if you desire to build a lasting memorable design, let's get started by thinking, you'll be glad you did.

search engine optimization saratoga spring ny

FAQ SEO Opportunity

We never want to risk offending our customers with hard-to-read, cluttered content, this is where a well thought-out design makes the world of difference with FAQ pages. The design of the FAQ page not only organizes the content for readers, but can also lend to SEO when planned accordingly.

what does a web site cost, saratoga web design

Web Design, Value & Loss

Investing appropriately into a well thought out, professionally designed website has unlimited possibilities and can help your small business reach an entirely new generation of clientele. Like it or not, your small business needs to have an internet presence, personally I choose to love it!

saratoga logo design and web design

New Work: Logo & Web Design

When Michele and I first met for the project brief, we spoke about the services she'd offer while doing some competitive research. It quickly became apparent that we had an awesome opportunity to break into the field with something fresh where others hadn't put much thought into creative.

baseball web design

Baseball Uniform Builder

New Work: We were recently asked to develop an exciting new project, an interactive baseball uniform builder. This was an awesome project to be a part of and I'm excited to finally share it with the world. Continue reading for a glimpse inside the process.

responsive web design saratoga ny

New Website

After several redesigns over the past three years I'm finally launching a new web site for MWH, now I can breathe. It's been a long time coming, delays on the new site were not due to complex development or packing in tons of fluff, rather it's more a testament of how busy our awesome clients keep us everyday!

web design dog

Farewell Friend

Today however as I write this their is one empty spot next to my desk that used to be occupied my one of my best friends, we said good-bye to Walter this past Christmas. Their is a place here for him as without him I may not be where I am today, farewell my friend, thank you for inspiring me, you will forever live in our hearts.

saratoga web designer, 10 year anniversary

10 Years Later

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since I first launched MWH Design to the public as an official business. In some ways the past 10 years were like a blink of an eye, but then again when I really sit and think about it I realize how much has happened, how much has changed or stayed the same.