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Hi there, my name is Mike Hosier, I'm the owner and Art Director of MWH Design. In 2002 I started this Dog Crazy design studio with a vision that holds true today. First, to build long-standing relationships with like-minded clients who value good design and recognize the impact creative work can have on an organization. Second, to develop a relaxed work culture made up of independent professionals collaborating on projects from wherever they're most productive, in the mountains or in the city, we love not being restricted by walls or physical location. View my services

#DogCrazy = Do What You Love!

Exploring the outdoors and photographing my dogs helps to free my mind and inspire creativity, but there's a bit more to it than that...

Around here, Dog Crazy is a metaphor which means to be true to yourself and listen to your heart. To do the things you care deeply about and do them to the best of your ability. It might also mean my work-space and car could be covered in dog hair, but that doesn't bother me.

It’s the Dog Crazy philosophy that inspired me to venture out on my own over 15 years ago and still drives me today. MWH Design was born out of passion, a passion to create, to help other professionals promote their own passions, and to work with my four-legged friends at my side just about anywhere in the world—as long as there’s cell service and a solid wifi signal that is.

Are you Dog Crazy? It's always a pleasure to hear from like-mided folks, if you hang around Instagram, feel free to connect there or if have a project you’d like to discuss get started is by completing my inquiry form.

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#DogCrazy = Do What You Love!

Exploring in the outdoors with my dogs helps to free my mind and inspire creativity, but there's a bit more to being Dog Crazy than that...

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