Web Design & Development

All websites I build are custom-made. I take great pride in organizing, prioritizing, then simplifying web projects into logical, cohesive digital experiences that are a pleasure to use.

Identity Design

From social media avatars to billboards and everything in between, I design extremely versatile, yet memorable logos and identity systems you'll be delighted to have represent your organization.

Internet Marketing

There are literally millions of people just a few clicks away. Reaching the right people could result in astounding success for your product or service. Getting there requires thought, strategy, and design on an ongoing effort along with a thorough understanding of how to leverage the web.


Playing with cameras is a hobby of mine, I just love it! While I'm most likely not a good fit to shoot a wedding, if images are needed for a design project there is an excellent chance I'll be able to help.

Sticker Collaborations

In 2018 I kicked-off a very select sticker collaboration program where I partner with non-profits, brands, and individuals to create and sell a custom promotional sticker selling exclusively from my Dog Crazy sticker shop. Through a combined effort, the collaborator and I promote via social media sharing revenue & marketing outreach. It's a win, win, and a ton of fun to boot!

Print Graphic Design

Consistency is key, with over a decade of experience working with print design and manufacturing, I'll help ensure your message is seamless across all media. If it can be printed, chances are I've done it!

Dog Crazy = Do What You Love!

Being Dog Crazy means you're a bit wacky about your furry friends. Also though, you choose to live an adventurous life, whatever that may be, doing what you love with dogs at your side. Furthermore, Dog Crazy is a metaphor which means to be true to yourself and listen to your heart. To do the things you care deeply about and do them to the best of your ability. It might also mean your work/living spaces are covered in dog hair, but that doesn't bother you.

It’s the Dog Crazy philosophy that inspired me to venture out on my own over 15 years ago and still drives me today. MWH Design was born out of passion, a passion to create, to help other professionals promote their own passions, and to work with my four-legged friends at my side just about anywhere in the world—as long as there’s cell service and a solid wifi signal that is.

When I'm not helping others grow their businesses, you might find my dogs and I exploring nature with a camera. Wandering in the wild helps to recharge my batteries and inspire creativity.

Check out my Instagram for photos from our adventures.

A New Adventure - Over the past few years I have discovered other folks who share same the Dog Crazy philosophy through social media. This has opened my eyes to a whole new world which inspired a new passion project, in-part where I collaborate with captivating, Dog Crazy people, featuring online interviews and custom designed Dog Crazy Stickers by yours truly. Each Dog Crazy sticker collaboration has a unique design representing the individual or groups adventurous lifestyle. In addition to these collaborations, I also design and sell my own Dog Crazy stickers which as it turns out is an excellent creative exercise to help keep my design skills polished, not to mention a ton of fun to boot!

I'm excited about this new venture and I encourage you to check it out. Check out my Dog Crazy Sticker Shop.

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Dog Crazy?

What's this Dog Crazy stuff all about? The obvious part, being Dog Crazy means you're a bit wacky about your furry friends. Also though, you choose to live an adventurous life, whatever that may be, doing what you love with dogs at your side.

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