New Work: Cataract Posters

  • Jun. 1, 2014


I love all the challenges that come with website design, from detailed planning, to layout & design, to coding, I truly enjoy it. With that said however, I also appreciate a change of pace now and again. Over 15 years ago I got my feet wet in this industry with print, I’ve worked on just about every type of printed advertising from packaging to catalogs and have worked with some high profile companies such as L.L. Bean, and Time, Inc. These days however I prefer working direct with small business owners, while audiences and budgets tend to be smaller, overall my part is much more important, and being able to see direct results from graphic design problem solving is really awesome!

“Mike was a pleasure to work with, after speaking with him I was absolutely convinced in his competency to handle the task.  My work with him has been superb, we are very pleased with the final result. He provided excellent service and design, he was adaptable to my particular requirements and responded immediately to my requests. I will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for the best company for the job.” – Megan

So far in 2014 I’ve seen a good variety of print graphic design work, including these new posters for Kwait Eye & Laser Surgery of Amsterdam, NY. Kwait Eye specializes in eye and laser surgery using the most advanced, top of the line equipment in their state-of-the-art eye surgery center. The doctors office recently came to MWH looking for a solution to help their patience see the value of advanced cataract surgery vs. basic cataract surgery. To achieve this we worked Kwait Eye to design posters to go along with the slogan The Difference is Clear. The new posters showcase stunning seasonal images that Kwait Eye plans rotate in their office to keep the decor fresh.

This project was a pleasure to work on, and the client was totally awesome to work with! The great thing about print vs. building websites, projects move so much faster in the print world with one to two week turn around vs. a several month website endeavor.

MWH Design is a small design studio in upstate NY lead by owner / designer, Mike Hosier. Mike works with local and national small businesses, and organizations developing effective web media solutions.


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