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  • Jul. 8, 2013

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What’s my specialty? I really enjoy working with small businesses, I see the small business as a traditional American pioneer, there’s romance about that that drives me creatively. I love designing for the web, strategizing for search engines, and learning about the next big thing in tech. I get a charge out of every logo project that comes my way, and I fancy helping businesses create their brand identity and print media. But I don’t consider these as specialties, rather more where I choose to focus my work.

Take a fine artist for example, one artist may choose to paint only with oil on canvas, while another may choose to focus on sculpting with metals, or wood, but at the core both specialize in thought and creativity first – it’s here I specialize as well.

Design on the internet has changed a lot since I started my studio in 2002. Technologically I work very different than I did in the beginning. Tech on the web moves at such a rapid rate that literally overnight you may consider a shift in strategy due to the next big thing.

However technology alone does not solve business problems, it’s here where specializing in creative thought pays off big. Design by thinking is not dependent on technology, but rather a process of creative problem solving with improved future goals in mind regardless of the medium.

I strongly believe the best creative results are derived from true passion and start with thought. Neglecting to think & define goals, or simply implementing the latest shiny new design trends, or using pre-built website themes to save money are short lived. Truly remarkable design projects champion creative thought, if you desire to build a lasting memorable design, let’s start your project by thinking, you’ll be glad you did.

Have a graphic design challenge you’d like to discuss? Please get in touch we’d love to chat about it.

MWH Design is a small design studio in upstate NY lead by owner / designer, Mike Hosier. Mike works with local and national small businesses, and organizations developing effective web media solutions.


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