In 2017 I was asked to design a logo for a new pet-safe product, the project was a great fit for me! The product is essentially a safety housing a rodent-trap would be placed into preventing accidental injuries of your pets.

“As on his previous projects for my small company (logo, t-shirt design, and marketing materials) Mike listened carefully to the story I wanted to tell, readily picked up on and incorporated some of my simple concepts, provided excellent input, and went on to develop what I consider a winning logo and avatar for the Mousieleum. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented and personable designer.” – Tico Vogt

The product name, Mousieleum, was the client’s creation giving an otherwise grim subject matter a light-hearted vibe—the logo needed to support this but also convey what the product was. Below are the selected logos, a full-size logo, and a minimal mark for usage where less space is available such as on social media networks.

#DogCrazy = Do What You Love!

Exploring in the outdoors with my dogs helps to free my mind and inspire creativity, but there's a bit more to being Dog Crazy than that...

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