Farewell Friend

  • Jan. 10, 2013

walter-3Before I started MWH I worked as a Graphic Designer for a company a few counties away from where I lived, the opportunity was a great learning experience for me but the long days and travel left little to be desired. At home I left my two dogs everyday, for 10 to 12 hours a day or more, it was difficult on them and stressful on me.

After a few years at that job I decided that I needed a change, I felt the need to be closer to home to have more time with my family and pets.¬†That’s when I started MWH Design¬†and I owe it to my dogs for the inspiration. In the years that follow my dogs never missed a day at the office, each morning they’d both wait outside my office door ready for work, and aside from the occasional noise-to-check-out-outside, they’d stay there all day. My office became their place as much as mine, their safe haven.

Today however as I write this their is one empty spot next to my desk that used to be occupied my one of my best friends, we said good-bye to Walter this past Christmas. Their is a place here for him as without him I may not be where I am today, farewell my friend, thank you for inspiring me, you will forever live in our hearts.


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