What if Mobile Came First?

  • Mar. 25, 2015

Sometimes things pop into my mind and I just have to write them down, this was one of those things.

Imagine if you will that desktop computers are the latest in tech, just a few years young. They are amazing, large screen, stationery devices that sit on your desk making work fun!

Now imagine that smartphone technology has been around for a few decades and the web as we know it was always designed for mobile. Websites would all have been built for pocket-sized screens with mobile queues to help users on-the-go. So let’s say with the sudden onslaught of this new technology you overlooked the large screen devices writing them off as a fad, until the day came you found a use for one yourself and to your surprise when you fired up your company website, what you saw was something this…a difficult to use, impossible to read, downright silly representation of your business.

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For many the reverse of this actually happened, businesses with websites that pre-date mobile are still out there, only mobile is no longer new, and it’s certainly not a fad. Mobile is now, and the future of the web is responsive.

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