The New Guy!

  • Aug. 12, 2016

golden retriever, graphic designer, Marty Moose, Adirondac Goldens

Join us in welcoming the new guy! Say hello to Marty, Marty Moose of Adirondac to be precise. Marty is a Golden Retriever joining us from Mexico, NY from the infamous Fins & Feather, Inc., Adirondac Goldens.

Marty has agreed to come on board as our new morale boosting, UPS dude chasing, everything chewing, taste testing, QC expert (Quail Catching), social media mascot, and jack-of-all else, except security, office dog.

We’re excited about Marty joining us, in the wake of the recent passing of his predecessor, Grizwald, Marty brings a new lease on whatever the heck he wants. It’s this spontaneous lifestyle that makes him a perfect fit around here. Marty has already began showing off his antics on Facebook and Instagram, please follow along and join us in watching this pup grow.

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