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  • May. 9, 2013

divorce mediation logo design

Divorce Agree is a new small business founded by Michele M. Martin. Michele offers professional Divorce Mediation services in Saratoga Springs and Albany, NY. I was recently commissioned by Michele to help her establish an identity for her start-up – I gladly took on the job and am proud to finally show off our work.

“Mike Hosier and MWH Design took the time to understand my business and philosophy and created a brand, logo and website that truly captured the essence of my business.  Mike is a valuable business partner and advisor. Thank you! I love the work!” – Michele M. Martin

When Michele and I first met for the project brief, we spoke about the services she’d offer while doing some competitive research. It quickly became apparent that we had an awesome opportunity to break into the field with something fresh where others hadn’t put much thought into creative, in fact most of what we saw was downright stuffy and legalese. We took a different approach, our goal is to position Michele as an expert while giving her company brand a modern personality.

My first milestone was to design the company a logo. I wanted something simple and positive, a promise to divorcing couples of good things to come if you will. The conclusion was to use a circle in the logo that could emphasize the word “Agree”. This also led me to a concept where we could tie the branding into common phrases ending with the word “Agree” circled.

saratoga logo design

My font decision for the logo was also based off the concept of positivity. I knew a sans serif font was they way to go, but didn’t want anything rigid. After a bit of online research I came across Nunito, a rounded Google Font that fit the bill perfectly! And the best part was that Nunito could easily be built into Michele’s web site as well.

Our logo color palette was selected with the transition in mind of a divorcing couple, dark to light. Vuala! The first milestone was done!

business card design saratoga

Divorce Agree Web Site

With our new logo in place and business cards on press we switched our focus to the web. As a startup we did not have much to work with for content, but we wanted to make sure we gave Michele the tools to expand her site as her business grows. WordPress was the answer for growth, and for the design I worked with Michele to plan out and organize the content she did have into custom responsive layouts crafted by yours truly.

In order to help Michele really get her business rolling we decided to launch the site with certain aspects hidden until more content could be generated.

Take a look at DivorceAgree.com

responsive web design saratoga ny


Each project offers something new, a learning experience, new people, and sometimes just a opportunity to make something and put my stamp on it. The great thing about working on this project was it was a new field I’d never worked in before, and I loved the challenge of outdoing the competition creatively. I also loved that this project was small, with many of my projects spanning over several months, years even, it was awesome to work on building a new brand and launch it quickly!

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