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In 2015 I helped a NY start-up develop their new branding. I love branding work, and I love when I’m given an opportunity to dive deep into a logo design project with ample time for discovery & exploration.

“We can’t tell you how happy we are with your work, we feel the logo represents our company perfectly, excellent job Mike!”

When I met with the client they gave me a sneak peek of their prototype product. They described that it was the only product of it’s kind and that it was built to be durable withstanding traffic and extreme weather conditions, while also being super simple to install and use. I was hooked, I really appreciate products that are simplified to their purest form, yet groundbreaking at the same time. Simplification truly is the ultimate sophistication, and that’s exactly the approach I took with their logo design. The logo represents the strength & durability of the product with sharp angles, bold lines, and typeset in all caps. The colors chose where a deep asphalt grey along with a bright orange like that typically seen in traffic and safety applications. The logo mark sits above the text symbolizing the unique characteristics of their core product—a traffic loop that installs above ground vs. saw cutting.

Below are some examples of my work form the branding project.

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overwatch branding examples, saratoga ny logo designer

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