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Rescued Human Pack

Each kit sold will provide a meal for a dog in need.

If you’re reading this you’re probably already unofficially a member of this worldwide fellowship, but now you can make it official with my all-new, just for fun, Rescued Human Pack member kit. The kit comes complete with two 3.75″ stickers and the official membership card. Order now and join the pack!

Total: $6.50
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Dogs just give without being asked to, it’s partly why we love them I suppose. I feel it’s only right to give something back and that’s exactly what I plan to do with this new sticker pack.

With your help, we can provide financial support to non-profit animal rescues to ensure dogs in need have proper meals. For each Rescued Human Pack, Kit sold, I’ll donate the equivalent average cost of one meal for a dog in need. To kick things off I’ll be donating to, Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc., New England Brittany Rescue, and Estherville Animal Shelter. is an off the beaten path venture by @mikehosier of MWH Design

Insterested in a custom sticker design or sticker collaboration? Please use my contact form to tell me about your project.

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What's this Dog Crazy stuff all about? The obvious part, being Dog Crazy means you're a bit wacky about your furry friends. Also though, you choose to live an adventurous life, whatever that may be, doing what you love with dogs at your side.

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