Quick-to-market websites

PUP Lite

One-page, PUP template, PUP Platform $499 plus $29 a mo. View example Get Started


One-page, custom design, PUP Platform $1,599 plus $39 a mo. View example Get Started


Multi-page, custom design, PUP Platform $2,499 plus $49 a mo. View example Get Started
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How it Works

What's Included

    Standard Options

    Available content regions for your website

  • Mobile Connect - on small screens, click-to-call & map
  • A Hero - typically a larger content area with photo & tag line
  • Team - introduce your team members with a photo and title
  • FAQ's - unlimited frequently asked questions
  • Services - some example uses...
    • A restaraunt / pizza place menu
    • Showcase B & B rooms / rental units
    • Visual services, e.g. a florist
    • Home improvement, e.g. sheetrock, roofing, painting
    • Display types of hardwood flooring
    • Display types of landscaping services
    • Auto detailer showcase types of work
    • Showcase manufactured items
    • Showcase a limo service fleet
    • Showcase boat rentals
    • and more...
  • PDF Download - offer a downloadable file
  • Photo Gallery - via your Instagram
  • Customer Quotes - short quotes from happy customers
  • Email Form - allow customers to email you from your website
  • Social Media Buttons - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin
  • Business Bio / Mission
  • Business Hours
  • Address & Phone

    Monthly Service

    Included in your monthly service

  • Admin Access - edit / add content
  • Access to training videos
  • Web hosting
  • Software updates
  • Call-in or email Support
  • Security & Backup;
    • Automated daily offsite backup (Lite, PUP, PUP+)
    • 30 day backup archive (Lite, PUP, PUP+)
    • Two-factor authentication (PUP+ only)
    • Brute force protection (PUP+ only)
    • Daily security scans - malware, ransomware, etc. (PUP+ only)

    Optional Add-ons

    Additional cost options

  • Hero Slider - turn your hero into a slideshow
  • Custom Content Regions - e.g. portfolio, blog
  • Email Form Auto Responder
  • Video Integration
  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Online Donations - requires SSL
  • SSL Certificate
  • Email
  • Email Marketing Sign-up Form
  • Marketing Services - SEO, Social Media, Email

Common Questions

Why did you make PUP sites?

I really enjoy working with small businesses, there's a passion among small business owners that is infectious and helping them succeed is tremendously rewarding! PUP sites are designed to help small business owners bring their businesses to the web easier, faster, and more affordable than ever without sacrificing the value of working with a professional designer.

Are PUP sites right for me?

PUP sites are not a design platform, if you want to design it yourself, PUP sites are not for you. Also, PUP sites are not eCommerce websites, you can’t sell things directly from a PUP site. Aside from that, PUP sites may be perfect! Here are just a few uses; a small restaurant, an automotive technician, a bakery, cleaning service company, paving company, dog walkers & pet sitters, and so much more.

What's the difference between PUP and PUP+?

Both PUP and PUP+ offer the same type of content regions, PUP+ extends these regions by breaking them out into separate pages. Using separate pages gives you a few more content areas such as page intros, but also offers more opportunity to improve page ranking in search engines (SEO). Also, because your content is separated into pages, you'll have less content below the fold.

What's the difference between PUP and PRO?

Our PUP platform comes with pre-built content regions that you'll choose from for your business, we then build your design around those regions. PRO websites are made from the ground-up, here we create custom content regions along with content hierarchy for each area of a PRO website.

Who will own my PUP site?

PUP sites are a subscription-based service with bundled software, services, and design. You will retain ownership of any content, images, logos, etc. that you provide to make your PUP site, however ownership to code (open source or otherwise), workflows, plugins, etc. all remain in the ownership of their respective authors. PUP sites cannot be transferred to another provider.

How does the design for PUP sites work?

Each PUP site gets a custom-made design tailored to the business consisting of the mobile to desktop interface, your logo, a color theme, your images, and web fonts. PUP sites come with pre-designated content regions that we theme your design around. This differs from a PRO site where we plan content regions from the ground-up.

How long will my PUP site take to build?

PUP sites can generally be complete in about a week. PUP+ websites generally take about 2 to 3 weeks. Your project start date will be set after you've fulfilled your project requirements.

Can I make changes to my PUP site?

Yes. PUP sites are built on our PUP framework which is a customized version of WordPress made specifically for PUP sites. When your PUP is ready you will receive information and training how to update, and add to your PUP sites content.

Are PUP sites expandable?

Yes. PUP sites come standard with pre-designated content regions, plus we offer a list of add-ons for an additional cost. Also, as your needs change you can request additional content areas in the future. Simply get in touch with us for an estimate.

Do PUP sites include email?

No, PUP sites do not currently include an email component. If you're looking to set up email accounts using your domain name, we offer an add-on which provides assistance setting up Google G Suite. Alternatively, an email component can be added to one of our custom PRO sites.

How do I pay for a PUP site?

Choose between PUP, or PUP+ then pay your deposit online. Once your requirements list is complete you will be invoiced for 50% of the balance due to start your design. Your final balance will be invoiced along with your first monthly service just prior to the launch of your website. All invoices should be paid online with a credit card. We may consider payment by check for certain circumstances.

Do you have a long-term contract?

PUP sites do not have a long-term contract, you're free to cancel at any time. Just remember that when a PUP site is canceled, your website will no longer be available for customers, and your data will be lost. PUP sites cannot be transferred to another provider. If you need to cancel we'll need it in writing to stop our process.

Can I cancel before my PUP site is complete?

If you decide to cancel your order before your project is complete we will place the project on hold for 30 days. After 30 days there will be a restart fee which is 30% of your total project cost. If you need to cancel we'll need it in writing to stop our process.

Is my money refundable?

No, PUP sites have very lean margins. Once an order is placed the process begins so we can not provide refunds for any reason. You are free to stop a project at any time to avoid any future payments due.

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