Social Media Graphic Design

  • Feb. 8, 2016

social media graphic design

I do a lot of big web and graphic design projects that span months at a time if not longer. I enjoy this, but it’s great to change it up some too. As of late I’ve been working with various groups to design graphics for their social media channels and I’m really enjoying it! Below are just a few reason why …

  • “Likes.” It’s great to see an instant reaction to what you put into the world. With social media, as soon as you publish you get feedback from the people who matter most.
  • Static Design. Designing for social media is a nice change of pace from web development today, especially compared to responsive design. Designing social media posts is a bit reminiscent of designing for print in the aspect that for the most part, your message is static on the page, or the screen in this case. You design it once, and it doesn’t change. This brings me back to my print design roots and I’m digging for that.
  • Micro-campaigns. Social media gives designers and internet marketers an outlet to explore campaigns of all sizes. This a great because we’re able to explore what works a little at a time without huge investments like that of a print publication. Plus, running micro-campaigns with social media to very specific audiences is a snap, and can be done in just a day on a small budget or two versus months.
  • Everything’s Connected. I’ve done most everything internet marketing since I began my career on the web on 2000. Five years ago SEO was hot, while SEO is still very important along with the good design and content marketing, designing for social media gives us yet another very powerful outlet to get in front of even more people, and stay there! Using social media to drive web traffic, paired with SEO, good design and quality content is absolutely a winning formula!
  • Real People & Conversations. I know what you’re thinking, trolls right? Well, as much as there are a lot of users on social media that like to start fires and cause problems for others, there are tons of real people happy to be able to speak directly with a representative of a brand they love. A graphic of a new product might turn into a customer service opportunity, then a sale or new client, etc. Custom designed images are an excellent gateway engagement.

Below are some recent examples of some social media design I’ve been working on. If you have an idea, or need help getting your business promoted on social media, please do get in touch, I’ve love to help out.

Royal Wulff Products

Guilderland Printing

Schrock Fence Company

Act With Respect Always

Upstate Autism Alliance

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