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Swany is a pillar in the ski industry, known worldwide for some of the warmest, most comfortable gloves on the planet, Swany has certainly earned their market position with over 100 years of proven performance in the snowy peaks.  When I was asked to help Swany–a company with roots in our own backyard–develop a modern web solution for todays ski enthusiasts, I was truly honored!

The Challenge
Running on an outdated platform, Swany’s business, both for the USA and CA had been struggling to reach new customers on the web. While their system worked from a technical standpoint, it had lacked when it came to visually connecting with customers on their terms. We were faced with the challenge not only to preserve the respected brand, but to also enhance it with an all new interface that excited the user, was a pleasure to use on mobile and stationery devices, but did not get in the way of important goals such as purchasing gloves.
mike hosier designed a new website for swany america, ski glove company
The Result
Through hundreds of hours of audits, plans, sketches, and trial & error, I’m pleased to announce an all new Our solution for the front-end was a simple one, albeit not-so-simple to get there, was to take a mobile-first approach stripping out any unnecessary elements, distilling the website to it’s core requirements then adding subtle enhancements along the way.

On the backend, Thomas, our development collaborator custom built an outstanding eCommerce management tool giving Swany control over products, sales, promotional codes, inventory as well as sync with a 3rd party Canadian distribution warehouses.

Together our back-end & front-end solutions flow seamlessly offering an enormous experience upgrade for Swany and their customers. We’re very proud of the result, and I’m very proud of the team that pulled it all together, Thomas, Kim, and yours truly.

Considering a web design project like this one? I’d love the opportunity to help you out, please give me a call or send me a note and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, looking forward to it!

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