Thank You

  • Sep. 2, 2015

saratoga springs graphic designer

I had to steal a few minutes today to jot down some notes, it’s been far to long. I’ve mentioned before that I love what I do, design work is rewarding and seeing what you put into the world and how people react to it is also rewarding. But one other aspect about what I do that makes it a labor of love is working with a diverse group of clientele, clientele who love what they do, clientele who make a difference in peoples lives.

“I believe we wouldn’t have achieved anywhere near what we have without your outstanding work.  Our community will be forever in your debt for helping us make the full recovery we have from that disaster.”

Today I was reminded of that as I work toward completing a large print job for a long-time client when testimonials starting hitting my inbox for usage in our project. Not only where my clients customers saying wonderful things, but they were VERY happy, and eager to be heard as they were truly moved by what my client provided to them. Reading the testimonials one by one as they came to me made me proud to be part of something really awesome, it made me proud of what I do, but more importantly, it made be proud to work along side incredible people. I don’t say thank you enough, so thank you to everyone in the past and into the future who has trusted me to help them with their business. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your team!


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