The Executioner

  • Oct. 29, 2013

web design execution

Tall and blunt, face unseen, his thick, heavy cloak sagged far beyond his legs and feet trailing him like a dark brides train. Stained leather gloves on his hands exposed just enough to reveal his grip on an ancient halberd axe handle completed by it’s eager, oversized grinning blade. With smooth and intimidating motions, the job of the executioner was to end memories, pain, and sorrow for all to witness – his job was a labor of love.

Ok, ok, I know it’s a bit morbid, but it’s the week of Halloween! Thankfully mid-evil days are far behind us, while we can enjoy such stories in movies and books, I think I speak for everyone by saying I’m glad that’s one labor of love that seen it’s own demise.

But while the job of an executioner these days is one of myth and folklore, being able to execute on what you set out to do is not, that lives in every part of our lives and is something I feel very strong about in my business. Every job starts with reason, businesses hire designers in good faith looking for results. Being able to execute and get results is what MWH does best, and this halloween, and forever more we choose to be modern day executioners – but instead of a means to an end, we provide businesses and brands with new life.

MWH Design is a small design studio in upstate NY lead by owner / designer, Mike Hosier. Mike works with local and national small businesses, and organizations developing effective web media solutions.


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