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Bring home a little bit of Alaska with my sticker collaboration with Tim Mathews and his dog BJORN.

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Photo: @timthetoothninja

Introducing my first sticker collaboration with Dog Crazy Instagrammer @timthetoothninja and his beloved Samoyed / Malamute mix BJORN. Tim and I have partnered to bring you this exclusive sticker designed by yours truly featuring illustrated signature visuals that Tim’s Instagram followers have grown to love. Visuals such as the northern lights, Alaskan mountain ranges, and the Alaskan native himself, BJORN!

I recently had some time to get to know the man himself and learn a little about him. For those of you who do not know or follow Tim on Instagram, please check out my brief interview below featuring Tim and his crew, Phylicia, Adeline, Bjorn (To Be Wild), Henry, and Rivers.

Tim, tell us something about you we may not know.

I lived in and studied spanish in Argentina for a year.

How / when did you first discover photography? What drives you to continue to go on adventures and share them?

I have loved taking pictures from an early age. From High school, until now I have gone on many trips and visited over 35 countries. I’ve always loved documenting travels and events in the form of photos. I think there is great satisfaction to collect the memories of amazing places and other exciting things that have happened.

Tell us about your Instagram name, @timthetoothninja

I originally wanted the name timmythetooth but its copyrighted from the weird 80s show adventures of timmy the tooth. Timthetoothninja during Dental school arose out of that as I tried to coin my own catchphrase. The Instagram was originally supposed to be cool dental posts from things I would do in Dentistry. Once I moved to Alaska it stayed more of a personal page of just things I was doing in Alaska and then made it all the way till now without being changed to something else.

Do people come to you as their dentist because they’ve seen you online?

I’ve never asked anyone that but I have had people that have recognized me from my photos on instagram. They will say hey! I follow you on Instagram!

Your Instagram profile says you are a GoPro® family member, what does that mean? Do you only take photos with GoPro® equipment?

Think of a GoPro® family member as a brand advocate. People who are passionate about photography and videography will catch the eye of GoPro® and they will be asked to be apart of the family. There are certain perks and benefits that come with that like cool trips, gear, and other opportunities. I took GoPro® photos only for like 3 years, but the last year and a half I have branched out and started pursuing other types of cameras. I still shoot almost only GoPro® video.

You share a good amount of Drone photography, tell us about your current equipment and what you enjoy about using a drone.

I love being able to shoot from a different perspective with a drone. My favorite is top down photography. I love shooting video with a drone too. You can just reach so many places with a drone that you can’t on your own. I currently have a GoPro® Hero6 Black on a GoPro® Karma Drone.

Your Instagram profile refers to you as “Tim in Alaska”, were you born and raised in Alaska? If not, please tell us some background on where you’re from and how you landed in Alaska.

I’m a southern boy born and raised in TN. I did Dental School in California and then moved to Alaska where I currently Reside. Long story short about ending up in Alaska: I wanted something different for a little while before settling down and I ended up loving it and decided to stay for a while longer.

What do you love most about living in Alaska?

I think the single coolest thing about Alaska is the Northern Lights that from Fairbanks you can see some 240 nights out of the year if the weather cooperates.

“One time I had to carry my Bjorn like a sheep over a swinging bridge hanging over glacier river water and let me tell you that it was really scary.”

Photo: @timthetoothninja

Photo: @timthetoothninja

Please share how got your three dogs.

My wife (fiancee at the time) surprised me with, “I got a puppy” one day just after getting home from a week long trip. Right before moving to Alaska we adopted Rivers from some family members that were unable to keep him. Bjorn was found with his siblings out in the forest while my wife was jogging. We ended up finding them homes and kept Bjorn

Tell us something about each of your dogs we may not know.

Henry is Missing a tooth. Rivers loves food more than life itself. Both of Bjorn’s ears were up at one time when he was a puppy.

Do your dogs like to be photographed?

When there are treats involved the dogs will pretty much do anything I want. When there aren’t treats I have to do a bit more coaxing. I would say they don’t mind it too much.

Do you have any special techniques that help you photograph your dogs?

You have to be consistent. I have been taking photos of them for a long time and they sorta know what to expect. But a lot of it is hard work, trial, and error. I always take lots of shots sometimes hundreds and a time to get the right shot in the moment.

Are any of the dogs easier, or more difficult to take photos of than the others?

Bjorn is the hardest he always seems to look away at the right moment. Out hiking, he will not sit still unless there are treats.

Do you have any advice to offer someone who’d like to get into adventure photography with their dog(s)?

Get a camera your comfortable with and just start using it. If you’re passionate you will get better by learning as much as you can. YouTube has literally every tutorial possible for learning how to shoot and edit. The biggest thing is to just start. You will see how much your photos will grow as you learn new things.

I can imagine traveling with dogs requires a good amount of preparation, what sort of challenges have you faced taking your dogs on adventures in Alaska?

In Alaska, my motto is always be prepared. I am always just aware of what situation I’m about to put the dogs in and plan accordingly. If it’s 30 below, do they have booties. If its 80 degrees do they have water. You just have to always think about where you will be going. If its overnight, do I have food, water, and all the things they will need. Just be prepared and take your time.

Have you ever had an adventure with your dogs not go as planned? Tell us about this.

One time I had to carry my Bjorn like a sheep over a swinging bridge hanging over glacier river water and let me tell you that it was really scary. I will not do that again.

Do you have any adventures, either planned or on a bucket list you hope to get to?

One day I would like to visit Mont St. Michael in Normandy France. I will be doing a pretty big trip this summer to Mcneil River Bear Preserve. You have to win a lottery to go to where there is the Highest concentration of Bears in the world. They only give out 180 permits a year.

When Mike approached you about doing a sticker collaboration, what were your initial thoughts, and why did you decide it was right for you?

My initial thoughts were that these were cool stickers and I had wanted to do a sticker or something for a while. The stickers were great quality and so was the design. When I asked Mike about making a sticker he came up with something I liked right away!!

Why did you choose to feature BJORN on your sticker?

I chose Bjorn because I think people connect with him the most out of all of my dogs. He is such a unique character its hard not to like Bjorn. I thought he might be the perfect way into this kind of Collaboration.

Will you do another sticker in the future?

I love stickers and there is a High likelihood of doing another one.

For those who may be interested in doing a similar collaboration, please share your experience working with Mike on the BJORN sticker.

Mike has been super easy to work with on designing the sticker and putting together everything that involves getting it out to my followers. Its been really nice because I haven’t had to do anything with it other than get it out there to my followers.

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