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Here’s a Dog Crazy question. Can a logo be beneficial to the health of a dog? I say yes! But how you ask? I think it might go a little something like this…

  1. Client¬†introduction, it’s crystal clear they need a brand identity. I learn all that I can about the business and the people who run it
  2. I designate visual elements such as a color palette and typography, then design a logo along with various supporting components
  3. Clearview rolls out their new identity reaching more veterinary professionals and pet owners alike
  4. Clearview earns new business and does exactly what they set out to do, they help people and their pets!

While the logo itself is not a physical tool a Veterinary Radiologist will use when examining a pet, it is a vital tool when it comes to connecting the people who need help, with the people who can help, and I can take great pride in being part of that process. So there you have it, can a logo be beneficial to the health of a dog, YOU BET IT CAN!

veterinary branding and business card design by mike hosier

Dog Crazy?

What's this Dog Crazy stuff all about? The obvious part, being Dog Crazy means you're a bit wacky about your furry friends. Also though, you choose to live an adventurous life, whatever that may be, doing what you love with dogs at your side.

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