Moose Mobile, Toyota Landcruiser with Moose Goldens
Moose Goldens Canoe Illustration by Mike Hosier
Dog Crazy Graphic Designer Mike Hosier
Dog Crazy Graphic Designer Mike Hosier

Brand Identity

Your identity, or brand identity, is made up of a logo, typography, graphic styles, icons, a color palette, and more. You deserve an unforgettable identity that without a doubt illustrates who you are—a symbolic representation of your unique qualities that people will instantly recognize & trust. As your design ally, I thrive off identity design adventures and will work very hard to make your business the best it can be.

Web & Digital

A website alone is just a thing, it's what you do with it that sets you apart. My web team and I are professional allies with proven success building digital products. We strive to help our clients reach more people and have them take action; to buy something, to donate, to request a quote, or to contact you. We do this by developing an easy-to-find, simple-to-use, online experience that’s 100% unique to your organization.

Graphic Design

You don't just need graphic design. You need various media types that all communicate your message in a clear, consistent manner helping people to make informed decisions about your organization. You need someone to introduce, and carry out creative solutions in print, packaging, email & social media marketing that may have otherwise been overlooked. You need a design ally.

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10 Reason We May Be The Perfect Fit

  1. You’re Dog Crazy!
  2. You want more customers.
  3. Professionalism is a must, there's simply no substitute.
  4. Building brand loyalty is critical to your growth strategy.
  5. You know design is an investment, and investments return profit!
  6. You may be missing out on millions of potential mobile, and or search engine customers.
  7. You know the "do-it-yoursef" claims lack the most important thing, experienced professional allies!
  8. Your business is long-term, building long-standing relationships with trusted allies ensure your business will flourish now and into the future.
  9. You know design is not only about how something looks, but a strategic plan of how a product should inform and excite a person into becoming a paying customer.
  10. You prefer to work with a real person, you know, someone you can pick up the phone and have an honest conversation with! Let's get started...
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