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Brand Identity

From social media avatars to billboards and everything in between, I design extremely versatile, yet memorable logos with distinguishable typography you'll be delighted to have symbolize your brand.

Web & Digital

The websites I build begin as ideas, sketches on paper & notecards. I take great pride in organizing, prioritizing, then simplifying complex projects into logical, cohesive web experiences that are a pleasure to use.

Graphic Design

I've been designing for print since before the web was the web. From business cards to catalogs to Dog Crazy stickers, if your company requires ink & paper, I can help you make it count.


10 Reason We May Be The Perfect Fit

  1. You’re Dog Crazy!
  2. You know design is a genuine investment that contributes to profit.
  3. Message awareness is vital to the success of your organization.
  4. Building brand loyalty is critical to your growth strategy.
  5. You’re missing out on millions of mobile-first customers.
  6. Professionalism is a must, there's simply no substitute.
  7. You've outgrown the "out-of-the-box" & "do-it-yoursef" band-aid approach, you're now ready to hire a seasoned professionl to do it right.
  8. Your business is long-term, building a relationship with a designer should be as well to help your business continue to flourish now and into the future.
  9. Search engine results matter! Design is not only how things look, but also an intentional plan of how things should work all while delivering a gratifying experience.
  10. You prefer to work with a real person, you know, someone you can pick up the phone and have an honest conversation with! Let's get started...
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Recent Posts

dogs best friend stickers, his and hers

Best Friends Stickers

I'm happy to announce my latest Dog Crazy stickers. The Best Friends pack is sold as a pair complete with his and hers stickers!

ski glove web design by mike hosier

Swany Website Design

Faced with the challenge not only to preserve a respected brand, but we were to also enhance it with an all new interface that excited the user.

saratoga springs logo designer, mike hosier

Nicole Johns Therapy

I was recently commissioned to help design branding materials for Nicole Johns and her new Telehealth Psychotherapist business.

Dog Crazy?

What's this Dog Crazy stuff all about? The obvious part, being Dog Crazy means you're a bit wacky about your furry friends. Also though, you choose to live an adventurous life, whatever that may be, doing what you love with dogs at your side. Want to know more?

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