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It’s October, the 10th month in 2017, where did this year go? Oh yeah, I remember now, we’ve had our noses to the grindstone since January deep in our element working toward our biggest launch yet, the all-new Nokona Custom Baseball Glove Builder. We can’t stress enough how happy we are to finally announce the official launch, and what better time to launch than Oct., leading up to the World Series, it’s the best time of year for baseball fans!

Nokona is a true American brand for America’s favorite pastime. Headquartered in Nocona, TX, the brand has been hand-crafting ball gloves since 1934. With an impressive legacy and amazing product to back it up, Nokona came to us to help develop a long-time vision of the company and fans alike, a web-based, visual glove configurator.

nokona glove builder by mike hosier

It’s no secret that fans of Nokona love the attention to detail that goes into each and every glove, as well as the unique line of leathers Nokona offers for custom made gloves. However, historically Nokona was not able to demonstrate to their customer what the various leathers would look like when combined with each other on a single glove. Take that one step further and add a number of color options for each leather, several swappable components of each glove as well as lace options and you can quickly see how ordering a custom glove was a bit of a blind process leaving the customer with their fingers crossed hoping for the best after placing an online order.

This is where we came in, collaborating with the team at Nokona, we developed a road map with all the interchangeable components, pricing, and more. We photographed the gloves and glove components to be included in the configurator. We digitally texturized and colored, lace, webs, etc., for each glove in three different views. We designed an interface to support the road map simplifying the process of customizing a glove no matter if the customer is shopping from a smartphone or a computer. To complete the process, we integrated with Nokona’s shopping cart API enabling full customization to online ordering.

I’m very proud of the team, kudos to Tom B, Tracy, Brandon, Marisa, Tom S., Jeff and everyone else who participated in the background.

Considering a web design project like this one? I’d love the opportunity to help you out, please give me a call or send me a note and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, looking forward to it!

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